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Patty Parties Freak-Style

LENGTH: 39:01

This chick could be considered voluptuous or just plain chunky... either way, she was a super freak and had a big ol' meaty ass this dude was diggin' on! She's a great little cock-sucker, but really got herself ramped up when attention was paid to her ass. Mr. Happy here wasn't afraid to stick it to her and this horny bitch backed up into him like a semi-driver delivering his load at the warehouse door!

Xrated Xandria

LENGTH: 26:45

Damn the ass on this crazy bitch! Oh, she loved it all - cock sucking, getting her ass fucked, pussy reaming... no boundaries with this meaty mama, especially in the shower... sudsy, slippery, fuckin' nice! But, as we soon discovered, the thing that got her way beyond horny was how she loved to fuck on top! We thought this poor skinny bastard might collapse as she rode him like a cowboy on wild buckin' bronco!


LENGTH: 24:28

Man, this scene starts out in the bathtub, and we'll just put it this way it's lucky these two didn't fuckin' drown each other! Movin' on to dry ground this chick just gets super crazy and just lets it all go and all hang out and there was a LOT hangin' out! No inhibitions here as she works this guy for all he's worth. He's wrung dry well before she's finished with him, which we found well, pretty fuckin' funny.

Red Stallion

LENGTH: 30:01

OK, here's the scoop on this one. The dude has a fuckin' love affair with this bitch's ass. This dude likes to choke the shit out of the bitch when he's fucking her a like an animal. He has some crazy-ass position for fucking we've rarely seen (forgot about this one - looks good) - oh yeah, and she is either lovin' him to death, scared shitless of him, or thinks he's a super freak... haven't figured that one out, but too good to pass up!

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